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Kids love Sharkwater (14 Comments)

Everyone at Sharwater is energized by the response we’re having with kids. We’ve done a ton of screenings with young people, and talks at schools and they are so excited about it! Everyone wants to get involved and do something to help the oceans. We’ve been in a few thousand-year trend of exploitation and destruction, and clearly it’s not working. We would need 6 planet Earths to sustain life based on the resources we use in the western world. Having young people, kids, teenagers, 20 somethings; respond to the film so well is an incredible sign. Conservation is cool! We’re seeing it in the media, in Diesel’s global warming ready ad campaigns, and in the exploding number of conservation job opportunities. To make great change fast, conservation needs to catch on as a fad, and stay cool. It went the way of the mullet after the 70’s green movement, but is now being resurrected, bigger, stronger, more necessary than ever, and just in the nick of time.

AFI film festival in Dallas, TX (3 Comments)

I just returned from the AFI film festival in Dallas, TX, where we won “Best HD Feature” and a 10K prize. It was the first year for the festival, so they put everything they had into it, and it was a fantastic event! We played amongst other great documentaries and features from around the globe, and they treated filmmakers well – we had a Lexus escort the whole time! I was a little apprehensive about how well we would do in Dallas as a shark film, but the screenings were packed, and there was a huge buzz around the film. It’s really touching to see the film affecting people’s lives around the world, no matter how far they are from the ocean. I think it’s a statement to the sensibility of today. People are telling better, more relevant stories to human’s survival on the planet. Happy Feet, Finding Nemo, Inconvenient Truth, Children of Men – are all dealing with man’s impact on the planet, and however subtly, pointing to a renewed relationship with the natural world, that is necessary for the perpetuation of humans as a species.

Welcome (7 Comments)

Hey everyone. Thanks for reading this and taking part in the movement to save sharks and the oceans. Saving sharks boils down to an issue of awareness. We can’t sit down to a buffet of tiger, panda or elephant because there is awareness about what’s happening to these animals. The public is generally unaware of the plight of sharks, so 100 million sharks killed each year goes largely unnoticed. With the oceans, what’s out of sight is out of mind, and when the public doesn’t know what’s going on, they can’t fight for protection. If we can make the issue public, and bring ocean conservation to the forefront, just as saving the whales, and now global warming are mainstream, we can save sharks and the oceans. For that reason, on this blog, and in life, help start the conversation about sharks and the oceans.