Bo Derek and Wildaid! (No Comments)

I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out and doing a press conference with one of the century’s hottest sex symbols turned activist – Bo Derek. We met in Miami on a panel discussion press conference on trade in endangered species. Bo also came to the Sharkwater screening at the Santa Barbara Ocean Film Festival (we won “best of the festival” – award 22). What an inspiring woman. It’s so incredible to see someone who could do absolutely anything with her life/money; turn towards saving species and ecosystems.
She was moved into action by one of my favorite conservation groups – Wildaid – – upon meeting Peter Knights, a mutual friend and one of Wildaid’s spokesperson and founder.
Wildaid is attacking the shark finning issue from the demand side – the most important side. As long as there is a demand, there could be 10,000 patrol boats, but there would still be finning.
They’re such a great organization they’ve managed to garner spokespeople such as Yao Ming, Jackie Chan, and of course Bo Derek.
Please check out
If shark fin soup has a chance of becoming “tacky” in time and for the Chinese Olympics, Wildaid is our only hope, and they’ve got a chance. Give them all the help you can.

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