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Exhaustion (1 Comment)

So, Sharkwater hit theaters in Florida on more screens than any other doc in history. It was marketing ice to eskimos we found…. sharks to Floridians…. well we gave it everything we had, and received unanimously great reviews in all media. Really cool. By the launch of the film, we assembled a pr team to launch the rest of the US which includes a rock star RV to live in, two ZENN cars (Zero Emissions No Noise) and a whole crew psyched about the film.
It’s an uphill battle, as docs aren’t as commercial as others. We’re off to California now…. home of hippies and the center of the environmental movement! November 2 here we come!
The biggest issue facing the oceans today is awareness. Enter Sharkwater.
If the oceans remain out of sight and out of mind they’ll continue to be ravaged. The beauty of it all lies in humanity… in the majesty of a species so evolved that it can destroy the systems upon which it depends, or choose to live in balance with it.