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Rob on Carson Daily (25 Comments)

Check out Carson Daily on Feb 5 to watch the interview with Rob Stewart.
It’s filming in LA today – so hopefully it goes well!

Sharkwater nominated for Genie (2 Comments)

Sharkwater has been nominated for best documentary at the Genies this year. Cross your fingers for us on March 3rd!

Great work Whole Foods! (294 Comments)

Whole foods announced last week that they were going to stop selling shark cartilage products! Amazing!
These products have made millions off of people led to believe in a false cure for arthritis and cancer. They’ve been proven to do nothing to help cure disease, and legal precedent has been set in the US via a case with Benefin, who was claiming the beneficial properties of shark fin. Benefin was forced to refund the money their customers paid for a false cure.
Let’s hope all the other chains follow their lead.
Way to go whole foods!