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Rob Stewart joins the ranks of Hollywood elite (20 Comments)

Canadian-born director Rob Stewart has been winning praises for his critically acclaimed movie Sharkwater for quite some time, and now has another award to add to his collection. Joining past recipients such as Oliver Stone, Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise, Stewart received an award for Environmental Vision at the 35th Annual Vision Awards in Los Angeles. The Vision Awards recognize members of the Hollywood creative community – producers, directors, actors, musicians, and sportscasters – who have used their “sight, foresight and insight” to create projects which bring special enjoyment and/or educational value to audiences around the world. Sharkwater explores historical stereotypes and media depictions of sharks, debunking myths and revealing truths. Not just about sharks – the film is filled with corruption, espionage, attempted murder charges and mafia rings, forcing Stewart and his crew to not just stay behind the camera, but move in front of it.