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Stop the Soup (1 Comment)

Shark fin soup is most popular at wedding banquets. Watch out for Shark Truth’s wedding contest to reward couples who Stop the Soup.

Student takes action (1 Comment)

Thank you to Kestrel Collison who wrote us back in June 2009.  Kestrel lives in Banff, Alberta and told us about her experiences in Exumas, Bahamas with her family, surrounded by ocean, fish, and sharks. Kestrel told us about a charity established by her family in 1968. Through this charity Kestrel was given the opportunity to make a presentation to the Board supporting a cause she believed in.  Kestrel chose Sharkwater and came in third in her competition. Congratulations Kestrel! To see Kestrel’s speech:

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Maldives bans shark fishing (8 Comments)

Just prior to a United Nations endangered species conference that begins this week, a government official has announced that Maldives, an island country in the Indian ocean, is banning shark fishing in its waters. “We’ve decided to go ahead with a shark fishing ban,” Ibrahim Didi, the fisheries and agriculture minister, told The New York Times. “Beginning July 1 there will be a total ban on exports.” Maldives is one of the world’s top scuba-diving destinations. Researchers from James Cook University in Australia last year estimated that a single gray reef shark was worth $3,300 a year to the Maldivian tourism industry, compared with the one-time value of $32 that a fisherman would get from the same shark. Didi said his government began planning the ban last year, but was delayed due to objections from fishermen, who were catching the sharks and killing them for their fins. Now, he says, “They understand that it isn’t a sustainable fishery.” The government is planning to provide the fishermen with financial support and retraining. The Maldivian waters are home to over 26 types of sharks, including the whale shark, tiger shark and hammerhead shark.