Stop the Soup (1 Comment)

Shark fin soup is most popular at wedding banquets. Watch out for Shark Truth’s wedding contest to reward couples who Stop the Soup.

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    1. kitty April 3rd, 2010 at 3:55 am

      we have to stop the soup!Sharks are absolutely innocent creatures, why do they have to kill them?! Shark-fin soup must taste disgusting, anyway.I put this in my blog on my website:

      90 THOUSAND die of malaria every year

      8 MILLION die of starvation every year

      MANY die of deseases every year

      but only

      5 people die of shark attacks every year

      do you think it is fair that the people who sell shark fins just cut off the fins of the shark and throw the dying shark back into the water, without being able to swim away?
      do you think it is fair that people use fishing nets that captures dolphins AND the sharks, but nobody takes notice of the sharks?

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