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Sharkwater premieres in Hong Kong (16 Comments)

The award-winning film Sharkwater premieres in Hong Kong on June 7, 2010. EcoVision Asia will host the VIP Premiere as part of the World Oceans Day series of events. Director and star Rob Stewart will attend the Blue Carpet premiere and VIP After Party as well as other events, including a beach clean up and panel discussion on ocean conservation. The film has previously been shown in Mandarin and the Hong Kong premiere will debut in Cantonese. Sharkwater premiered in Taiwan in May. Sharing the film with Chinese audiences is an important step for Stewart in his mission to spread awareness about shark finning and its effect on ocean conservation. “If people knew what was going on – that their consumption of this delicacy was causing the demise of one of the oldest, most important predators the planet has, and that this is going to mean a big problem for people; I hope they would make more effective decisions, and the demand for shark fin would decline.” Click here for more information on the Hong Kong Premiere or on the World Ocean Day Lunch Panel Discussion. Click here to watch the Sharkwater trailer.