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Environmental Studies club fights shark finning (No Comments)

tabling1-300x200Inspired by an internationally acclaimed documentary, two Mills College undergraduates organized a screening of “Sharkwater” as part of Earth Week to spread awareness to the campus community about shark finning, the killing of sharks for their fins.

Seniors Tarra La Valley and Emma Giboney’s newly created Environmental Studies club seeks to rally Mills women to petition the selling of shark cartilage products in local health food stores, which contributes to an estimated 100 million sharks that are killed annually for their fins.

To read the full story click here.

Thank you Mills College.

Discovery Channel’s Shark Week Video Challenge (6 Comments)

happysharkweekDiscovery Channel is asking for your help promoting the 23rd annual SHARK WEEK – a full week celebrating the ocean’s apex predator, kicking off Sunday, August 1.
We are asking for video submissions from SHARK WEEK fans to give them the chance to become a part of this year’s celebration.

See our call for entries here.
We thought readers of Abandon Fear would be interested in participating in the fun!  With its focus on shark education, this site it the perfect outlet to generate hype about Shark Week 2010’s online, promotional campaign.

A little about the submissions, also part of the video above:

–  entries must include the words “Happy Shark Week”
–  entries must be an acapella version of the song “Boom De Ya Da” (see Discovery Channel’s popular promo here.
Beyond that, we hope submitters will get creative!

We will be combining the best video submissions into one single video to be posted on Discovery’s SHARK WEEK website as a representation of the vast spectrum of fanatics.