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Shark Death: A Waste of Life (7 Comments)


Good Morning Friends,

I need your help please! I am trying to stop the needless shark killing here in my home town. Although this has happened many times at this marina, it was the first time I was in town to catch it, thank god!

Please click here and vote for the video so this needless killing of an endangered scalloped hammerhead shark, will have more impact! If enough people vote it may go to national news which means more support for stopping the needless slaughter of these beautiful creatures that are so vital to the health of our oceans!

Feel free to post this everywhere! Below is the actual story with images! Thank you for your help!

At this moment I am very sad to say that the fisherman that did this will not be penalized in anyway, because of a interpretation of the law that makes no sense to me what so ever! If you need to reach me, email is best!  Many of you know me very well and know that because I live at sea, swimming with these beautiful creatures everyday year round, I see this the horrific act the same way most people would look at your pet dog, left on a cart to die and bake in the sun, as if no one gives a dam! I do give a dam and I hope you do to! Please make this count and make a difference! This type of behavior infuriates me and needs to be stopped! Thanks so much for your help!

Save The Sharks,


Jim Abernethy’s Scuba Adventures, Inc

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The goal of this contest is to create a T-Shirt with a PANGAEA ACT PROJECT THEME. A secondary goal is to make it not only meaningful but stylish so that visitors to the YEP community and will want to wear them to help promote, sell and create awareness for the project. The concept could be something as simple as designing a cool looking image for selling and proceeds will be donated for a future shark project.

We now want to put the challenge to you. The top design contenders will have their designs posted and displayed for all to see. There will be a vote on the community and the winning design will be printed up and carried by our online store.