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Thank you Ted for such a poignant e-mail …

My name is Ted Kao and I’m of Taiwanese decent and currently reside in San Francisco.  Unfortunately, I’d have to admit that I’ve eaten my share of shark fin soup over the course of my lifetime.  Heck, the plan was, the bigger the fin, the better the soup (ie – cost more money so therefore, its a better meal).  As I reached adulthood, I finally took up a sport that I’ve always wanted to try, Scuba Diving.   Since I learned to Scuba Dive 3 years ago and had my first child about the same time, I began to see sharks in a different light.  I’ve seen plenty of sharks in my diving experience and found that they are gentle, curious animals that really have no interest in us.   I began to watch and learn about many of the factors that impact these great and beautiful animals.  I’m afraid that my time left to see a whale shark in the wild may be all but closing and my children’s ability to see any sharks in the wild may be gone.  I think it may be too late to impact the current generation of 50+ year old asians in our quest to remove shark finning.   I believe that 2 events will truly impact the sustainability of sharks in our oceans.  1. There needs to be significant economic improvement to the 3rd world countries from which our sharks are most abundant.   While education helps, asking people who’s day to day meal tickets comes from finning to stop doing it won’t really work.   2.  Education of those Asian teens and adults who are more open to change may decrease the number of individuals who eat the fins.   Remember, as China becomes more prosperous, the number of consumers will actually increase over the next 30 years unless we get to the youth now.
I’d like to thank you for your video and continuing my education of this terrible practice.    I’ve created a facebook page recently that will hopefully gain some traction among young adults called Asians for Sharks that asks its members to give up eating shark fin.  I hope you will share it with your members.

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