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Global Ocean is a London-based charity established in 2006 to heighten public awareness about the plight of marine life and to generate funds for conservation programmes around the world.

We wish to congratulate the Sharkwater team for creating such a wonderful film, whilst raising awareness on a key issue and highlighting the need for change.  We are enthused by the success and clear-cut message portrayed in Sharkwater about shark-finning and believe that films like this are crucial to saving species in peril.

We are currently looking for ways to help protect sharks from the fishing onslaught they receive all over the world, and we are appalled that 100 million sharks are still being slaughtered each year.

To help generate awareness Global Ocean works in other creative mediums and produces, for example, eco-arts plastic workshops to heighten awareness about the problem of plastics entering the marine and human food chains.

As consumers we can act together to buy products which do not harm our ocean and ourselves.  For details on our campaigns and how you can get involved visit our website at:

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    1. Fletcher December 21st, 2013 at 10:44 pm

      Excellent article. I certainly love this website.
      Keep it up!

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