Original Sonata #5 (Shark Water) for 7 string bass by Tony Toussaint (Bass solo w/ drums) (2 Comments)

This piece is a humble tribute to Rob Stewart’s shocking documentary “Shark Water”. This documentary has win 31 international awards. It is going against all what the Medias have told us about the sharks. A must see for everyone.

It was a live performance at Edmundston en musique 2010. The first part is played on a 7 string neck thru custom MF bass & the second part with a 5 string custom MF bass. Visit this luthier website at http://www.mf.qc.ca

The drum part is handled by a great friend of mine: Andre Ouellet. We performed together with Light Force.

2 Responses to “Original Sonata #5 (Shark Water) for 7 string bass by Tony Toussaint (Bass solo w/ drums)”

    1. A.R December 13th, 2010 at 11:29 am

      I saw Sharkwater last week and I just wanted to say that I have never seen anything so inspirering.
      When I grow up, and hopefully have a succesfull clothing line I want to give some of the money to proteckt the sharks.
      I can’t belive how many they where cutting in and threw the ded body’s overbord just to make money it is terrible. I wan’t to make a diffrence when I grow up and help the sharks.

      Thank you for “sharkwater” it inspired me a lot to make a diffrence.


    1. Jess January 15th, 2011 at 12:08 am

      My teacher showed us Sharkwater in wildlife class last week and I could not believe how great that movie is. I have always been kind of scared of sharks because of the media, but this movie really showed me that sharks aren’t scary. Thank you for making such a great movie that has inspired me to get to know sharks better.


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