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Kayaker Shark Encounter (No Comments)

And now for the Interview

London International Dive Show (LIDS) (No Comments)

Please watch for the NoTanx Freedive stand at the London International Dive Show (LIDS) this weekend.
Saturday 26 March, 9.30am-6pm
Sunday 27 March, 9.30am-5pm

Please welcome Shark Tsunami UK (STUK) (2 Comments)

This is Your Ocean: Sharks from George Schellenger on Vimeo.

195750_185616471480280_915368_qPlease welcome  Shark Tsunami UK (STUK) to our  group of supporters.  STUKs  aims are to educate key sectors of society over the cruelty and needless waste of finning.  STUK’s  prime area for targeting are the schools as they want to target the next generation of voters and conservationists.

To see some of their campaigns and promotions please check out their facebook page.

Good job  STUCK!!

Irvine team leads student effort to ban shark fins (No Comments)

A group of Irvine sixth-graders
meets with state Assemblyman Don Wagner, R-Irvine, at his office to discuss AB 376, the state bill that would ban the sales of shark fins in California. The kids became strong advocates for the bill after watching the documentary film “Sharkwater,” an expose on the shark-hunting industry.

In February legislation was introduced (it hasn’t been passed yet) aimed to ban shark fins in the state of California.  The bill is called AB 376.  It will make the possession or sales of shark fins illegal in the state.  Assemblyman Fong and Assemblyman Huffman introduced the proposed legislation and launched it on Valentine’s Day no less! (Way to share the love of sharks!)  Our goal is to see that this legislation becomes law.

Eastshore’s I Love Sharks Project (2 Comments)


Eastshore Elementary School 6th grade class holding their letters to send to Guam encouraging Guam legislators to pass their shark fin legislation.

In addition writing letters this ambitious class has set up an ilovesharks website page with a guide to persuasive letter writing and much much more!

Congratulations Easthore Elementary!!