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Hi there,

I want to help you guys out and grow the movement. I live in Taiwan and Im an English teacher here. I unknowingly ate some shark at a wedding I attended recently, and its left me feeling very dirty… I want to help you guys out here. This week alone I have taught 200+ students what a crime it is, and have shown them all this very effective video I found on youtube

Next week for movie appreciation week they will watch Sharkwater!

Im thinking of going all-out, first I will try to organise the foreign community here, then try and get some boycotts and awareness generated in the city I live in. Taiwanese people in general are some of the kindest, warmest, nicest people you will ever meet. The ones doing this are gangsters, but nonetheless, I think a lot of Taiwanese opinions on Sharks could be turned. Shark finning is a total atrocity against nature and must be stopped before its too late.

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