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Yao Ming Shark Fin Soup Campaign-ENGLISH from Shark Savers on Vimeo.

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Rob Stewart and leading environmental NGOs launch a summer long “Celebrate Sharks” campaign and coalition to ban shark fins in Toronto.

June 13th, 2011

Councillor Glenn De Baeremaeker and Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam met with press today to outline their proposal to ban the sale of shark fins within the City of Toronto. Toronto’s Rob Stewart (Sharkwater and Wildaid ( announced the launch of Fin free Toronto, a coalition of leading environmental groups and NGOs for “Celebrate Sharks”, a city-wide summer educational campaign to raise awareness of the plight of sharks. Celebrate Sharks will include free screenings of Sharkwater, talks by Rob Stewart and other experts, grassroots events and discussions, and a petition drive to gather 10,000 signatures in support of the shark fin ban on

As a grassroots initiative, Stewart has pledged to visit and give a talk for any school or group that gets more than 1000 signatures in support of the ban. His first public appearance in support of Celebrate Sharks will be at the ROM on June 15th.
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Days before a proposal to ban shark fin is tabled at City Hall, we visited our city’s No. 1 shark-lover in his Little Italy backyard to chat about his new film project, the prospect of cannibalism and why driving a Prius doesn’t mean dick in the grand scheme of enviro-woes.


How psyched are you about city council’s move to ban shark fin in Toronto?

I’m super excited. This is my home, Sharkwater [Stewart’s 2006 film] debuted at TIFF and it just feels like a great opportunity for Toronto to take the lead on an important issue. That said, I’m anticipating some resistance. There are a lot of Asian restaurants where shark-fin soup is still a staple.

Is there a plan to bring them on-side?

We’re in the process of trying to organize screenings of Sharkwater for Asian community leaders. We’re trying to emphasize that, ultimately, this is a conservation issue, not a cultural one. City Councillor Mike Layton contacted us to ask whether the movie would be available in Cantonese, so we’re looking into that. There’s a lot of momentum right now, and countries all over the world are getting on board. An international conservation group got Yao Ming, the basketball star, to make a “Say No to Shark Fin” commercial. He’s the biggest celeb in the world.

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ROM – Lectures, Courses & Events

Wednesday, June 15, 7:00 – 8:00 pm

Rob Stewart’s 2007 film  earned the most awards that year, snagging 35 wins at international film festivals, including a Canada’s Top Ten Award at the Toronto International Film Festival. Rob will talk about his efforts in highlighting the plight of sharks worldwide and how his new film project Rise Again moves beyond sharks to outline the looming crisis in the world’s oceans.

Rob Stewart is an award-winning wildlife photographer, filmmaker and passionate speaker who travels the globe to share his message of conservation.

Royal Ontario Museum, Level 1B
Signy and Cléophée Eaton Theatre

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