City of Toronto Shark Fin Petition (1 Comment)

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    1. Lorraine August 13th, 2011 at 12:02 am

      We need to make a Chinese version of Shark Water to end Shark Finning. Please help! Everyone please watch this movie and get involved. I know its alot easier to close your eyes and turn your shoulder; to ignore the bad and look at the good. However, the more shoulders that are turned, the less good there will be. Us humans are destroying what we all hold dear. OUR LIVES. We are destroying all that we need, all of what makes us live on this earth. We know what we’re doing. So let’s all open our eyes and do something about it. Get off your rears and get others involved. Make youtube videos. Make petitions. Tell your friends. Get connections.

      All this shark finning can be stopped with the awareness of the consumers! The poachers are doing it for the money. No we can not stop them. HOwever we can stop their source of money by raising awareness that the consumers of this shark fin soup is destroying the existence of sharks. Sharks will be gone and no one will ever know their real nature because of the media. They can destroy or make this world. Let’s get involved and make raise awareness for the well being of sharks. Make good media and save them. For if we do not act quickly there will be nothing left to fight for.

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