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Hi Rob,
My name is Kari, I live in Alberta Canada, and am a loud, proud animal lover. I just watched Sharkwater – wow.
I have to be honest, sharks are one of my biggest fears… Their eyes, their movements, and obviously their teeth.. everything about them sends shivers all over me. I went to an aquarium and when I saw the sharks swim by the glass it took my breath away and I took a step back. I fear them – but I respect them and love them as part of our ecosystem. I deeply wish I could understand them more and maybe move past my feelings for them one day. Your movie Sharkwater had me bawling on the couch, the image of the finless shark descending helpless into the deep will be on my mind for a long time. It’s disgusting, and I hate those people for that.
Thank you so much for making such a moving, truthful film. More people need to watch Sharkwater and not so much Jaws. I switched from an engineering degree to a degree in biology/international community development because more movements need to be made to develop, preserve, and save the world we live in. So thanks for being an inspiration 🙂 You’re wonderful.
Best of luck on all your travels, keep fighting!
Yours truly,
-Kari R
August 5, 2011

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    1. Melissa August 27th, 2011 at 2:25 am

      Hey Rob, check out Fin Free Alberta on Facebook for more information on what we are doing in Alberta about this global threat!

    1. Parker Posey August 27th, 2011 at 6:23 pm

      This is the easiest controversy in history to resolve. In the last two Tsunami’s all of the relatives of the people who want to eat the sharks were swept out to sea and eaten by sharks. THUS, if you eat a shark you are eating your grandmother! Spread the word and nobody will eat shark fin again.

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