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Help me save the sharks. Shark finning is a real problem throughout the world and it’s becoming worse with more and more people becoming afraid of them for something they are not.



Fin Free Short Film from Maja Zonjic on Vimeo.

Fin Free supporter Maja Zonjic had a vision; to create a video about shark finning without any images of finning. The result? An inspiring short film celebrating the people who helped make six Ontario cities Fin Free.
The Fin Free film focuses on the positivity of the movement and the passion of the individuals supporting it, whilst raising awareness about the global issues facing sharks. Instead of focusing on bloody images of dead sharks, the film takes an alternative approach to the issue by focusing on the people who love sharks and have taken steps to protect them through personal projects, legislative action or campaign support.
Voiced by shark lovers of all ages, backgrounds, religions and races, the short film encourages other cities throughout the world to become Fin Free as well, to save our sharks, our oceans, and our planet.

Maja would like to thank producer and editor Roop Gill and score composer and audio editor Dave Ljubanovich for sharing her vision. Special thanks go out the the film’s stars – the Fin Free supporters from Brantford, Oakville, Mississauga, Toronto, Pickering, and London have banned the possession and sale of shark fins in their jurisdictions.
The Fin Free movement is spreading and it starts with all of us. Please share the film with your friends, family and teachers. Talk to people about finning and help CELEBRATE SHARKS everywhere! You can be a hero to a shark, today!

Students speak out to Save the Sharks (3 Comments)

A grade 5 class at Thousand Islands Elementary School in Lansdowne, Ontario, Canada, has taken it upon themselves to speak out to save the sharks.  During a Biodiversity unit studied in science the students watched the movie Shark Water.  They were so devastated by what they learned, they wanted to do something about the needless killing of the ocean’s top predator in an effort to protect the ocean’s ecosystem before it is too late.  They decided to write letters to persuade readers to save the sharks.  This website gives these 10 year old students an opportunity to make a difference, because their voices will be heard by people all over the world.

Here is one of the letters … Read the rest of this entry »

Semporna Shark Sanctuary (No Comments)


Dear Sharkwater Team

I am writing to you on behalf of the proposed shark project called the  “Semporna Shark Sanctuary”.  This is a project based in Sabah, Malaysia, whereby more than 8000 square KM of the worlds most bio diverse marine habitats and also one of Asia’s last strongholds for sharks could, with your help, become South East Asia’s first and largest Shark Sanctuary!

The project has already been approved by the Local government and the Department of Fisheries and in early 2012 the proposal will be submitted to the Sabah State Government for approval. The proposal will be submitted by representatives of the Sabah NGO Borneo Conservancy and also the local Semporna Council.

Together with the submission of the proposal we hope to pass to the Sabah State government a petition with more than 10’000 names of marine enthusiasts around the world who are in favor of such a Shark Sanctuary.

This is where we need your help: We need you to please mention this proposal on either your Facebook site or your website as we need as many marine/shark enthusiasts as possible to put there name on this petition.

We basically need your help to spread the word and hopefully get the support we need to make this Shark Sanctuary succeed

If you can help in any way the Sharks in Sabah would be forever grateful!



Semporna Shark Sanctuary