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Science on Screen series at SIFF Cinema

April 21 & 22, SIFF Cinema at the Film Center

Tickets: $4, SIFF Cinema passes and vouchers are valid at the box office.

This remarkable documentary captures the beauty of sharks with stunning underwater photography, and chronicles the harrowing above-water adventures of the renegade activists who are attempting to slow their extinction.Sharkwater celebrates these magnificent and misunderstood creatures, and warns that they could soon be wiped out due to human ignorance and greed.

Special introduction and discussion with shark experts! For more information on the film, a school study guide, and information on what can do to shop shark finning, visit the Sharkwater web site.

FilmsByFamilies Thematic Challenge: What would you do if you saw a shark? Make a film with your family about meeting a shark, real or not. We cannot wait to learn about your fantastical shark adventure! Films due by April 19. Find more information about FilmsByFamilies on the Films4Families Homepage
Science on Screen is an initiative of The Coolidge Corner Theatre with major support from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

Richard Branson praises Sharkwater and the Toronto Shark Fin Ban (No Comments)


Richard Branson thanked the City of Toronto yesterday for the recent ban on shark fin products and urged the federal government to ban any imports of shark fins to Canada. Branson became interested in protecting sharks after watching Rob Stewart‘s movie Sharkwater. In an article in the New York Times Sunday Review on January 15, 2012, Branson said: “The films I really enjoy are films with a meaning or purpose like Sharkwater, which explores the misunderstood world of sharks, and while beautify and thrilling, also exposes corruption and exploitation surrounding the world’s shark populations. It was such a powerful film that now I’m trying to stop shark finning around the globe.”

Rob Stewart was voted the top living person who made Toronto better this year for his work on the Toronto shark fin ban by The Grid, which dubbed him “David Suzuki with a Six Pack.”

Besides Toronto, in the past few months the Canadian cities of Oakville, Pickering, London, Newmarket, Brantford and Mississauga have passed bans on the sale and ownership of shark fin products. Sharkwater inspired Oregon and Hawaii to pass bans on shark fins and Leonardo DiCaprio helped get a ban installed in California. School children in Saipan and Guam successfully petitioned the government for a ban after viewing Sharkwater at their schools.

Richard Branson and actress Bo Derek were in Toronto to call for greater protection of Canada’s polar bears. Branson’s foundation Virgin Unite is leading the development of a Polar Bear Protection Act for Ontario.

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