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Shark Life – Help Us Save It! (1 Comment)

The shark population at Chumphon Pinnacle has dwindled over the years and is now practically non-existent. Sadly this is the same thing that is happening the world over. Sharks are caught for their fins and killed ‘accidentally’ by other fishing practices too but when you see the effect in your own back garden it really brings it home. Just 6 years ago, sharks were plentiful at Chumphon, seen in large numbers on every dive. Its been three years since I have seen one now!
We feel quite strongly about this – as you can imagine – and want to play our part in getting the message out there so that people do understand the barbaric practice of shark-finning. So to coincide with Project Awares Shout Out for Shark Month and the Koh Tao Environmental Film Festival (26th April’12) we made a video about it. Its hoped that this will help spread the word and educate so that more people will get involved and help protect the sharks.
If you know us – you’ll know that we don’t make the ‘usual’ when it comes to dive or underwater movies….for this one we give the Master Divers treatment to Blurs – Park Life – yes – you guessed it….Shark Life !
Posted by: Ayesha Cantrell on April 24, 2012