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Ban the Unprovoked Slaughter of Endangered Great White Sharks (4 Comments)

Petition by
Brian Witkin
San Diego, CA

Sharks must now swim for their lives, due to plans recently announced by Western Australia’s regional government.

Premier Colin Barnett has enacted a six million dollar policy to kill great white sharks that venture into coastal waters frequented by people. The policy, described as a preventative measure, reverses the current approach of killing Great White Sharks only if they have attacked people.

The Conservation Council of Western Austria describes the new approach to sharks as a “guilty until proven innocent” approach and a “knee-jerk reaction to public concern that will harm the environment without protecting swimmers.”

Despite its fearsome reputation, little is in fact known about the Great White. Yet as a so-called apex predator, the loss of the Great White Sharks could result in drastic and far reaching consequences for the global food chain. The shark is already listed as an endangered species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

And there is little concrete evidence that killing sharks makes people any safer.

Please sign this petition to help us overturn this knee-jerk policy.

The Perfect Song for Sharkwater (4 Comments)


Simon Ward – Bird Rescue Music

Spiny Dog Fish Hunt (No Comments)

tn_spiny_dogfish_shark_andy_murchDear Abandon Fear,

I wanted to write to you about a magazine article I read from Canadian Geographic called the Great Green Shark Hunt about British Colombia’s spiny dog fish population.

In the article they are claiming that there is a sustainable shark fishing within the spiny dog fish population. They are calling the spiny dog fish the first sustainable or “Green Shark” as they call it, this is very untrue the sharks take up to 30 years to reach sexual maturity, they have roughly a 2 year pregnancy, resulting in the live birth of 12 pups, and takes another 2 years to be able to have pups again, the other amazing thing is they can live to be 100.

The thing that is ticking me off is the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) certification on British Colombia raises the possibility of a new local market for Spiny dog fish fins!!! This is promoting the slaughter of the shark. Even though the B.C fisheries claim that they use all of the shark and just don’t fin them and throw them back, that a good thing in a sense but thief still killing an unsustainable resource, and promoting the selling of shark products.

I wanted to write to you because I know that Rob Stewart could make a difference In this matter by letting people know, like he did with Sharkwater. I’m hoping he could share this on his twitter and facebook page so we can get the word out on this matter.

By my understanding and what I know about the Spiny Dog Fish they cannot be a sustainable species by any means at all.

Even though I don’t live in B.C but the other coast in N.S I just can’t stand to know that there is going to be the collapse and slaughter of such a beautiful animal.

I am the same girl that emailed you about the tickets to see Rob in Halifax to see the screening of Revolution. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to go, but I read Robs Save the Humans book and loved it! So I will impatiently wait until earth day 2013 to see the movie. Oh and one other thing . . . Please tell Rob that he is my hero, and that I want his job.

Thank you so much please help me save the Spiny Dog Fish.


Shark Frenzy – Bentley is turning 5 (1 Comment)

dsc_1059-copy Meet Bentley our Shark Hero.  Bentley celebrated his 5th Birthday with a shark-themed skating party at the Appleby Ice Arena in Burlington, Ontario.  In lieu of gifts, Bentley asked his friends to make a small donation to This past summer Bentley watched Sharkwater on his parent’s iPad and became very passionate about saving the sharks.  When they asked him what he would like to do for his birthday he said that he would like a shark party and that he would like to help save the sharks.  After discussing his options with his parents Bentley decided that he would like to have his friends donate to  His parent’s  estimate that Bentley’s party raised close to $400 for Sharkwater.

After skating, Bentley’s guests were invited to an ocean-themed party room where they could colour ocean creatures, get their faces painted and take a picture in the ocean with our “shark” friend.  At the end of the party, they celebrated with shark cupcakes and all of Bentley’s guests went home with a loot bag filled with candies (shark and fish gummies/salt water taffy), fish bait (fish crackers), “shark drool bubbles”, shark pencil, shark figurines, and a post card with shark facts.  Each family also took home a shark-cookie cutter with a shark cookie receipe (get it…”cookie cutter shark?”)  It was a wonderful party and we are very proud of Bentley for raising money and awareness about the plight of our sharks.