Shark Frenzy – Bentley is turning 5 (1 Comment)

dsc_1059-copy Meet Bentley our Shark Hero.  Bentley celebrated his 5th Birthday with a shark-themed skating party at the Appleby Ice Arena in Burlington, Ontario.  In lieu of gifts, Bentley asked his friends to make a small donation to This past summer Bentley watched Sharkwater on his parent’s iPad and became very passionate about saving the sharks.  When they asked him what he would like to do for his birthday he said that he would like a shark party and that he would like to help save the sharks.  After discussing his options with his parents Bentley decided that he would like to have his friends donate to  His parent’s  estimate that Bentley’s party raised close to $400 for Sharkwater.

After skating, Bentley’s guests were invited to an ocean-themed party room where they could colour ocean creatures, get their faces painted and take a picture in the ocean with our “shark” friend.  At the end of the party, they celebrated with shark cupcakes and all of Bentley’s guests went home with a loot bag filled with candies (shark and fish gummies/salt water taffy), fish bait (fish crackers), “shark drool bubbles”, shark pencil, shark figurines, and a post card with shark facts.  Each family also took home a shark-cookie cutter with a shark cookie receipe (get it…”cookie cutter shark?”)  It was a wonderful party and we are very proud of Bentley for raising money and awareness about the plight of our sharks.



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    1. Yvonne Nichie October 8th, 2012 at 4:11 pm

      Dear Bentley: It was wonderful what you did for your birthday! Your party looks like it was alot of fun. I wish I was there. I loved your pictures and I saw your little sister Lexie. Your effort to save the sharks is incredible; you are an exceptional little boy. I wish you a wonderful year!

      Yvonne (Aunt Leslie’s friend)

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