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This letter shows that you are never too young to speak out and make a difference. THANK YOU FINN!

“Finn is 3 and a half years old now, but started showing great interest in sharks before his 3rd birthday mostly because of “Bruce” the shark in Finding Nemo. Finn was quite concerned when he read that sharks were in danger. To support this interest, we got books about sharks and watched movies about sharks to learn more. Many of the books explained that over fishing due to illegal shark finning, fisherman’s nets and pollution put sharks at risk, and Finn thought he should tell people about this to raise awareness and save sharks. Finn is especially proud of Toronto for banning Shark Fin Soup. It was only after learning from books and other movies that Finn was able to see Sharkwater.

Finn (an avid chef) was reading through a cookbook that included a homemade lemonade recipe, so Finn planned on having a lemonade stand. When planning for this stand (we even had shark fin ice cubes), Finn wanted to include a table that had shark information on it to raise awareness about sharks at risk, and it was then that Finn expressed his desire to have all proceeds go to shark conservation. When people came to purchase lemonade, he talked to them about protecting and saving sharks. He also explained about how each shark is unique and has their own special traits that set it apart from other sharks.

Finn’s favorite shark is the whale shark.”

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    1. Sara November 23rd, 2012 at 9:45 pm

      Now that’s a way to grow up, learning about sharks! I hope the lemonade stand was a HUGE sucsess!!!!

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