This is a tale of endangered fishes (2 Comments)


This is a tale of endangered fishes.  Some like to feast on and call delicious.
Stolen from the ocean for the smallest of pieces, damn scurvy pirates and the end of a species.
With long lines and big nets, the ocean is plundered.
To meet the demand for this magical wonder.
Some say just kill them, before they can bite you.
Fish aren’t the bad guys, you’re not on the menu.
People ‘round the world would have to stop and think
if every dolphin on the Earth was suddenly extinct.
Is that thought too crazy?  Hard for you to hear?
100 Million sharks will die this year.
Your first call of duty, a place to begin.
Boycott any menu that offers you fin.
The choice is all yours when you order food.
Eat soup made with shark fin and you’re a killer too.
We have to rise up and fight this disease.
Or there’ll be no future for you or for me.
If we let it happen, if we don’t follow through,
the oceans all die and we’ll be goners too.
I will just leave you with this final note.
The poor seas are fragile and real close to broke.
If you’ve been touched by this little song,
please go visit

Michael R

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