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Shark Fin Soup, a poem (No Comments)

photo: SeaWatch

Look at the looks that the faces of these sharks are giving you the top looks to be in pain as it suffocates and the bottom has a stare of “why didnt you stop this” or “why did you let this happen to me”

photos: courtesy of Thierry Minet

The fish that
Most everyone hates
Its name,
The Shark

The dislike has
Been around, near forever
But only with “Jaws”
Did it turn from dislike to hate

At first we killed
For sport or out of fear
Now we kill for
The sharks fins
Dorsal, pectoral, pelvic, anal and caudal (tail)

The shark is caught
sometimes on (long) line, sometimes in nets
It is brought on board
Out of the life giving sea
Into the suffocating air

The shark is held in place
Sometimes killed, sometimes not

The fins are cut off
One at a time
First the largest
Then down in size
Until the
Smallest in size is cut off

The shark without fins
Is just a shape
Called a fusiform
And similar to a cone and a tube

That once was whole
But now is not
It is skin, organs, muscle, skeleton
Mouth and brain
It is no longer alive and well
Its fins are gone

The shark is thrown over the ships side
This shark is dying
The death will come from
Weeks of agonizing starvation
Hours of breathless suffocation
Or the shark which was once predator
Will become prey for the first and last time
Eaten by what it once ate
The scavengers will put it out of its dying misery
In minutes of painfully getting eaten alive

This was all started
With one knife
One line or net
One person

Just for a single
Bowl of soup
Said to give prestige and status
A single hundred dollar
Bowl of soup
That is not often called
Shark fin
But Fish wing or Prestige Fish

No one knows
Nobody cares
That to make that bowl of soup


by Joseph Dedrick

This is a tale of endangered fishes (2 Comments)


This is a tale of endangered fishes.  Some like to feast on and call delicious.
Stolen from the ocean for the smallest of pieces, damn scurvy pirates and the end of a species.
With long lines and big nets, the ocean is plundered.
To meet the demand for this magical wonder.
Some say just kill them, before they can bite you.
Fish aren’t the bad guys, you’re not on the menu.
People ‘round the world would have to stop and think
if every dolphin on the Earth was suddenly extinct.
Is that thought too crazy?  Hard for you to hear?
100 Million sharks will die this year.
Your first call of duty, a place to begin.
Boycott any menu that offers you fin.
The choice is all yours when you order food.
Eat soup made with shark fin and you’re a killer too.
We have to rise up and fight this disease.
Or there’ll be no future for you or for me.
If we let it happen, if we don’t follow through,
the oceans all die and we’ll be goners too.
I will just leave you with this final note.
The poor seas are fragile and real close to broke.
If you’ve been touched by this little song,
please go visit

Michael R

Poem submitted after reading Save the Humans (5 Comments)
Alberta Tar Sands

Alberta Tar Sands

am I an idiot to care?

I’m told to save water on showers
on the garden, on flowers
to spend money on a low-flush tank
to wash the dishes by hand

while the city’s sprinklers go like rain
washing the pavement … all down the drain
those who use less will have to pay for
those who use more!

am I an idiot to care?

I’m told to save power, to wear more
to save heat, insulate roof and wall
I should buy a low-energy fridge
seal windows, doors … make the switch!

while the city and hydro complain
the streetlights keep burning into the day
our power gets sold to California
who does not pay …

am I an idiot to care?

I’m told to save gas, get a hybrid car
Walk to work, ride a bike … it isn’t far
plant trees and shrubs to slow the global warming …
instead of tar!

while the city clings to their decisions
wants four-lane roads and subdivisions
land cleared, paved fast, trees gone
big roofs burning into the sun!

am I an idiot to care?

I am told to be earthquate prepared, to store
get food and water, their kit, and more!
It’s a “when” we’re told and not an “if”
the earthquake hits!

While the city wants to change building codes
to promote business, which means more loads …
three levels … of rubble to fall
and bury us all!

am I an idiot to care?

imagine all the money could prevent, restore and do
for our future, air and water, nature, our children, me and you …

to destroy it all for temporary gain
if you ask me: is insane!

a grandmother

Unknown, Uncared About, Murders (No Comments)


Sharks are the beautiful lions and tigers of the deep,
but have you ever cared to here them weep?
Are they really the man-eating carnivores we’re taught about in Jaws?
Or are they different, sensitive and have their own occasional flaws?
Maybe you don’t know this, but millions are being slaughtered.
Due to a vicious demand for their fins, that isn’t wanting to be altered.
Did you know that their fins are used in a “special” kind of food?
And that the fins are only parts of the bodies that are used?
This type of food is called soup, and it’s supposed to be a delicacy,
But many greedy, selfish men are killing these creatures so that they can be used even in a pharmacy.
Some people around the world believe that sharks are healthy and strong and maybe that if they took pills of shark bone, they would be defined as the sharks are known.
But as I said that is what some people think, which does not mean it’s true,
and what they do not understand is that they are causing an effect that could eventually kill them too.
As more and more sharks are being killed,
It’s as if the cup of life that God gave us is being spilled.
Sharks are basically the only thing that is helping us stay alive.
The sharks eat the fish that eat the plankton that consume carbon dioxide.
which makes oxygen to help us stay alive.
So as you can see,
the trees aren’t the only thing helping us to breathe.
Why are there different campaigns to save elephants, pandas, seals, whales, and turtles,
and there are none to save the sharks?
Is it because shark saving is just a job to big and scary to start?
I hope my poem has opened your eyes, and maybe has taken you by surprise.
And I also hope that you will watch a documentary,
that has definitely inspired me.
This brilliant film is called Sharkwater,
and I hope and pray you will watch this and let your fear of sharks be altered.

Careena – 14 years old

Copyrighted January 12, 2011