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The Toronto Zoo hosts FREE Sharkwater screenings! (6 Comments)

Sharkwater will be featured in August as part of the Toronto Zoo’s Conservation Awareness Weekends!

On Saturday August 8th – Sunday August 9th and Saturday August 22nd- Sunday August 23rd, there will be 3 screenings each day at 11:30am, 1:30pm and 3:30pm FREE with your admission to the zoo.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to see this award winning film, learn about shark conservation and visit the new Sharks at Stingray Bay exhibit!

The gift shop will also be featuring Sharkwater DVDs, BluRay disc and Rob Stewarts photobook “Sharkwater: An Odyssey to save the Planet”. Own your copy TODAY!

The Toronto Zoo is located on Meadowvale Road, just North off exit #389 on Highway 401 in Toronto

Sharkwater screening and fundraiser in Japan! (4 Comments)

Tokyo, Japan (July, 09) – PangeaSeed, a Japan-based nonprofit organization, is ramping up its inaugural activities in Tokyo this summer with events tailored to spotlight the organization’s dedication to increasing awareness of the plight of sharks. Of the 400 shark species, more than 100 are endangered, with many species so overexploited it may be impossible for them to recover.

The events will showcase the issues surrounding shark finning in Asia and other parts of the world, where sharks are killed to satisfy culinary and medicinal demand. In finning it is common to cut the fin from a still-living shark, then discard the rest, as the fin is worth many times over the shark as a whole.

PangeaSeed takes an inclusive approach to spreading its message by engaging its audience through music, art, photography and open discussion. First, PangeaSeed has been selected to host a booth at the 2009 Fuji Rock Festival’s NGO Village on July 24 -26, 2009. The booth will feature information and facts about the shark finning issue and aims to provide a venue for the organization to educate and discuss with its target audience such topics as the threat of shark extinction, and the need for shark protection and shark sustainability. At the event, PangeaSeed will collect signatures with the goal of securing an area of the coast of Miyagi prefecture as a sanctuary for sharks, while special guest artist and PangeaSeed member Yoh Nagao will perform “live paints” during the festival to raise awareness of the shark finning issue. During the festival, PangeaSeed also will feature a public service announcement on the festival’s Green Stage.

Later in July, PangeaSeed will host its first event, “No Fin, No Future.” The event will be held Thursday, July 30, 2009, at Super Deluxe in Nishi Azabu, and will feature never-before-seen art and photography from global artists such as Mr. Brainwash, Josh Keyes, Dave Kinsey and many more. Guests will enjoy a screening of the international award-winning documentary, “Sharkwater” followed by a discussion with leading shark expert, Ms. Kim McCoy of Shark Angels. Ms. McCoy will discuss her experience in working with sharks including research and education. She will also share with the audience underwater footage of swimming and interacting with large sharks from around the world. “We are very excited to showcase a not-for-profit fund raising art collection featuring works contributed from more than 30 internationally renowned artists, graphic designers and photographers never seen before in Japan,” said Tre’ L. Packard, managing director of PangeaSeed.

“We are thrilled with the opportunities we’ve been given both with Fuji Rock and our own No Fin, No Future event,” Packard said. “Through these events PangeaSeed aims to open the eyes, minds and hearts of our neighbors and bring to the forefront the ecological and environmental problems that continue to be overlooked both domestically and around the globe. We believe these events are an excellent place to introduce our message and gain the necessary momentum to make a difference.”

PangeaSeed flyer
Phone: 050-1550-6358 Fax: 050-1550-6358

About PangeaSeed: PangeaSeed ( is a Tokyo-based grassroots effort to educate and raise awareness of the plight of sharks around the world. Through volunteer activism and the media of art, music and photography, PangeaSeed aims to create an open dialogue with the global community to develop an understanding of the need to preserve and protect sharks and their habitat.

Sharkwater fibreglass shark up for auction (14 Comments)

Rob Stewart posing with the 16 foot long Sharkwater fibreglass sharkThe 16 foot long fibreglass shark that was used to promote Sharkwater at various functions, including film festivals and movie premieres, is up for auction at eBay. Rob’s willing to part with this valuable piece of movie memorabilia to order raise funds for his new film, Rise Again. Check out the shark at by clicking on this link, which will lead you straight to the auction.

Mr. Stewart goes to Washington! (9 Comments)

Rob Stewart and the team from Sharkwater Productions are heading to Washington DC for the PowerShift ’09 Convention February 27- March 2, 2009.

PowerShift’09 is an event that brings youth, activists and the leaders of the climate and clean energy movement together for a weekend of seminars, panels and action planning. Participants are encouraged to join workshops and panels that are designed to infuse young leaders with new skills, networking, new ideas and employment opportunities. The forum concludes with an action rally at Capitol Hill when the participants send their message to political leaders and demand immediate federal climate action. PowerShift demands that the federal government: invest in a clean energy economy, cut global warming pollution immediately, end our dependence on dirty energy, take dirty money out of politics, and re-engage as a leader in the international community.

Attending this monumental event is important to Rob as it provides key research opportunities for his next documentary Rise Again. The film explores how humans are going to survive the next 100 years and points to revolutions of the past to hopefully further the most important revolution of our time, saving humanity. Rise Again will take audiences on an incredible journey working with conservation groups to protect the planet, ecosystems, and ensure survival of our species.

For more info on Powershift ’09 please visit :

Rob Stewart speaks at University of Miami (4 Comments)

Ocean Awareness Week kicks off at the University of Miami with a special screening of Sharkwater followed by a keynote address from director Rob Stewart. The event will be held on the Coral Gables campus on Monday, February 23rd with over 150 students and faculty in attendance. The event is sponsored by Rho Rho Rho, the Marine and Atmospheric Science Honor Society to promote awareness, preservation, and conservation of the Earth’s marine resources and environments.

Sharkwater out on DVD! (98 Comments)

Hey everyone – Sharkwater is finally out on DVD and Blue Ray with tons of special features! Please support the cause, get the dvd, show it to people, and help us push the movement to save the oceans. We don’t need to hug trees anymore, we need a revolution, and that necessitates your help.