Ocean acidification killing off BC scallops (No Comments)

ScallopsOcean acidification in the water off the coast of British Columbia is killing millions of scallops, putting the industry in danger, according to Vancouver Island University’s Helen Gurney-Smith. She says it’s actually a global problem, but it seems to be worst off the coast of British Columbia. She told the CBC: “It could be that some species are better adapted to ocean acidification.” Scallops in particular are vulnerable, because the acidity in the water makes them unable to form a protective shell, leaving them  vulnerable to Read the rest of this entry »

Ladybarn Primary School (8 Comments)

Art courtesy of Ladybarn Primary School. Contributors (clockwise from top left): L.B., A.Ra, O.L., A.Ro

Mr. David Cameron
10 Downing Street,
London, England

Dear Mr. David Cameron,

My name is H.K. and I am writing to inform you about my concerns for our ocean; which is currently facing incredible pressure. Having recently learnt about the strain on our ocean, I honestly feel that without drastic action we will destroy our planet’s greatest resource.

There are a variety of different reasons for our ocean’s sorry predicament. They include: overfishing, poor fishing practices, marine pollution, shark finning Read the rest of this entry »

Wordless Poster (30 Comments)


courtesy of Otmar Grissemann

The Man with the Plan is Rob Stewart (1 Comment)


Dear Mr. Stewart,

Thank you for speaking up for the sharks. You were very inspirational and you are very brave, just like the sharks. We learned a lot of interesting facts about sharks and how endangered they are. You taught us how some things can look scary but are not. Your film made us feel sad, angry and inspired. We want you to feel welcome in our classroom any time to talk about sharks! We are really looking forward to Revolution. We are planning to make awareness posters for our community about making the world a better place. We are looking forward to hearing back from you as you are our hero.Thank you for making a movie about protecting sharks and raising awareness.


From Room 14 at O.V. Jewitt School
P.S. Please come to our school and we love you.


n7Sharkwater fans, we need your help this Wednesday May 8, 2013 for Mississauga to stay fin-free.
Federal laws that prohibit shark finning are insufficient to curb the Canadian market for shark fins, which is why the leadership shown with municipal laws prohibiting sales is so crucial. The City of Mississauga is about to vote to reverse their shark fin ban.  Their General Committee voted unanimously to reverse the current ban, and it will be up for vote at the full Council Meeting, this Wednesday, 9 am. We need the public to come early to the Chamber, to be visible and to support them in making the right decision – by email and /or by coming to the meeting.  Click this link so you can email the Councillors. Read the rest of this entry »

Poem submitted after reading Save the Humans (5 Comments)
Alberta Tar Sands

Alberta Tar Sands

am I an idiot to care?

I’m told to save water on showers
on the garden, on flowers
to spend money on a low-flush tank
to wash the dishes by hand

while the city’s sprinklers go like rain
washing the pavement … all down the drain
those who use less will have to pay for
those who use more!

am I an idiot to care?

I’m told to save power, to wear more
to save heat, insulate roof and wall
I should buy a low-energy fridge
seal windows, doors … make the switch!

while the city and hydro complain
the streetlights keep burning into the day
our power gets sold to California
who does not pay …

am I an idiot to care?

I’m told to save gas, get a hybrid car
Walk to work, ride a bike … it isn’t far
plant trees and shrubs to slow the global warming …
instead of tar!

while the city clings to their decisions
wants four-lane roads and subdivisions
land cleared, paved fast, trees gone
big roofs burning into the sun!

am I an idiot to care?

I am told to be earthquate prepared, to store
get food and water, their kit, and more!
It’s a “when” we’re told and not an “if”
the earthquake hits!

While the city wants to change building codes
to promote business, which means more loads …
three levels … of rubble to fall
and bury us all!

am I an idiot to care?

imagine all the money could prevent, restore and do
for our future, air and water, nature, our children, me and you …

to destroy it all for temporary gain
if you ask me: is insane!

a grandmother